Saturday, 15 January 2011

i have a blog!

hey everyone!

i've gone and got myself a blog, so i can ramble; review and post about well, anything i like! aswell as this, i've got my youtube page back up and running and want to do some videos a.s.a.p!
i'm heading off to newyork on monday at 3am in the morning, eek! so early, but i've never so excited or nervous in my life. I havnt been on a plane since i was about six, so i have no idea what go's on in the airport or anything, but i'm sure it will be fine; so im looking forward to all the shopping and lovley food thats out there :)

as soon as i get back, i'll be updating this as many times as possible and doing some videos! (proberly hauls from newyork, makeup tutorials ect) to get me started :) any requests let me know!

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