Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tarte Amazonian 12hr Full coverage foundation

Last day in Las Vegas, spur of the moment dash to Sephora and this little tube caught my eye. I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was all the reviews on the powder version I'd seen or the cute little wooden packaging, but whatever it was - im glad. I struggle with three things in a foundation, 1)longevity 2) finding a shade to match my paleness 3) not making my skin dry. This foundation ticks all those boxes, and more. It is the perfect harmony between dewy and matte, like skin but still blurring out all those imperfections, it doesn't cling to dry patches and actually makes your skin look healthy if you do suffer with dry skin like mine. The longevity of it is also incredible, all other foundations including higher end and lower that ive tried will usually start to look a little worse for wear at around 1pm (when working and applying at 7am) whereas this one will get me from 7am to half five finish time with no problems and even time for a few cheeky drinks and fajitas after without need for touch up. As for colour, I got the shade 'fair beige' after being instructed by a helpful lady in Sephora, even though at the time I thought I always go for the lightest shade so I know this will be wrong - it actually wasn't. They all come in a red and yellow undertone based shades so although it looked darker, when blended its actually the perfect shade to cover my red undertones, making it the best shade I've ever had! (I have fake tan on in picture above so that's why its abit 'off' but un-faketanned its absolutely perfect) So there I was, in love with a foundation for the first time in my life and spouting 'holy-grail' and 'i'll never use anything again' when it suddenly hit me, the UK doesn't do Tarte products. moody, savouring it for special occasion Ella occurred and my hopes of my holy grail foundation flittered away, until - Tarte released on QVC in UK pops up on my blog screen! hooray, happy dance ella reappears and knows its clearly meant to be between me and this beauty (when its re-stocked and in my shade, boo!)

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Long time now speak (or typing whichever way you want to word it!) I'm currently writing this on my iPhone which is a pet peeve of mine as 9/10 I hate the way it turns out as a blog post, but beggers can't be choosers and so on so here we are! 
I thought I'd give you a quick little life update as so much is going on this year it's unreal - I head off to Las Vegas in five weeks and I absolutly can't wait to just get away and have a few days just sat around doing nothing but sunbathing and eating cake. (naughty!) 
I'm then getting married in August, which obviously I'm super excited about but also has alot of planning revolved around it and lots of questions, colours and ribbon sizes to be resolved. #lesigh 
Because of this, and clearly the crazy lady that I am, I have also recently purchased my first ever home! It won't be finished untill September/October time which gives me enough time to get excited buying cute house decor and scouring the interwebs for the perfect furniture! On top of all these, I obviously still work full time as a manager in retail so not the best or most social hours! But alas. It's onwards and upwards and a super exiting year to look forward too!

I'm so happy that I'll finally have my own little dream home that I can tweak and modify myself so that I can work blog photos and even maybe a couple of cheeky outfit posts around it! But untill then, I'm afraid you'll have to bare with me with what I have Aswell as maybe a few wedding and house posts instead of the initial just beauty posts - as I do like to throw abit of my life into my blog so it makes it more personal! 

Eleanor x

Thursday, 27 March 2014



This post was meant to go up ages ago but i completly forgot about it intill now. Ive been using these lipsticks for around 3 months now and i absolutly love them. In all honestly whenever looking for a lip colour before - i used to head straight to mac online or a counter when i could and get one from there as i always beleived you got what you paid for, but recently ive been branching out into drugstore lipsticks and im so glad that i did.
These have an amazing formula, there very pigmented and creamy and also dont make my lips dry out which is the biggest pet peeve off mine in lipsticks! I actually prefer the nude pink shade (101) to alot of my mac ones as it stays put alot longer whereas i find some of the mac ones can be abit to creamy and smudge off pretty quickly, the red one (22) is on the darker side of a typical 'red lip' but not so dark that its noticable and has quickly became my go to red lips for nights out and nearer the christmas period! all in all id say these lipsticks are definitly worth then money and i'll be picking up a few more shades from the collection next time im in boots..
Do you like the kate moss lipsticks, what are your favourite shades?

Thursday, 13 March 2014

paris goodies

One of my best friends recently went on a little trip to the city of love while I was stuck on my own at work, yawn. However, I did manage to get in my order of French pharmacy skincare goods before she snuck off (i also got some yummy macaroons too, but they were gone well before this picture could be taken) NOM. I've been using all of these now for a good month or so and absolutely love all of them, I really struggle to find any sort of skincare that doesn't make my skin go on a complete wobbly for at least the first week or so, even down to such a little thing like moisturizer - but these were absolutely amazing for my sensitive skin. There all pretty well known products in the beauty blogging community but I'll give you a quick run-down just incase your unsure of exactly what they do.

Bioderma is a gentle daily cleansing and makeup removing water for very sensitive to intolerant skin, skin prone to redness. Cleanses impurities and removes makeup thanks to the power of its micelles. Respects skin balance. Soothes the skin thanks to the calming and decongesting effect of the cucumber.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream) is really three products in one: the make-up artists use it as a primer, moisturizer, and make-up remover. It also reduces irritation after shaving! It is a cleansing and moisturising cream that combines emulsifying and softening agents with active moisturisers while respecting the skin's natural balance and encouraging the rebuilding of the hydrolipidic layer.

Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip balm is a stick formula balm with honey and sunflower oils infused inside of it. Most people have this one in the pot formula and even though id like to try that one too, I definitely think the stick is a lot easier and more hygienic and is now my go too lip balm.

All in all I love all three of these products and now use them on a daily basis in my skincare regime. The only downside is these arnt the easiest of products to find in the UK, but from what ive been hearing bioderma should be available more readily soon and the other two are available online.

Monday, 15 July 2013



1) This top is from river island which is a shop I never used to think much about but have recently been loving! although quite simple it has embellished daisies on it which adds a little something and I think it would look perfect with some light denim shorts or ripped jeans when it gets abit cooler! plus - its only £15! and would definitely be atleast £38 in other stores (topshop we're looking at you)
2) I think the lace detail at the bottom of this gives this simple skirt a little something extra and would be nice to wear alone with a tshirt in the summer or with a chunky jumpy and tights in the winter.
3)this style is a typical 'me' style. baggy, white and cute wording and im all over it. but its only £9.99, so why not?
4)every year I want some raybans but the price tag of them is ridiculous! being from the UK we get about 2 weeks a year of sunglasses worthy weather so its just not worth it for me (I usually pick up a cheap pair from work) but if I was going on holiday or living in a hotter country - id definitely be rocking these.
5)lipsticks my go-to in heat as everything else stays pretty simple due to it making my skin feel so dry and tight. I love coral-peachy tones as it really gives a fresh summer look.

Monday, 11 February 2013


Real Technique Brushes (Powder, Expert & Starter Set) Nars Laguna Bronzer, Illamasqua Cream Blusher In 'Lies'.

Ahh how quickly christmas has been and gone. All that excitment and build up then every year the turkey gets sliced and its over and done with for another 365 days.

This year i got a few beauty bits and bobs from the boyfriend (i either hinted VERY well, or ordered them myself in advance) so even though i knew what i was getting, i was still as excited as a child over the thought of having them. Laguna is something ive wanted for over a year and just never really picked up myself, everytime i went to i either ended up purchasing something i needed more, put myself of it, couldnt decide between it and the chanel tan de soleil and so on, but i finally have it in my makeup bag and cant wait to try it out! (im secretly hoping it makes me look like a bronzed goddess)

Illamasqua Lies cream blusher is another thing ive wanted for absolutly ages. I originally saw SWALKERMAKEUP use it in one of her youtube tutorials, instantly fell in love with it - then it sold out, everywhere. Ive since looked back time and time again and it had always been sold out, so as soon as i got an email threw to say it was in stock.. this baby was mine! Its a beautiful mid pink colour, which on me works as a blush/highlight duo - but im quite pale so on alot of people i think it would just be a nice highlight.

Finally, the real techniques brushes. He managed this one all by himself to be fair, although i did hint a little when we were in boots about the ones i didnt have and wanted! Ive loved all the RT brushes that ive used so far so wanted to add a few more to my collection. There super soft, blend makeup effortlessly & are quite a good price point compared to others (ahem, mac) and i'd 100% reccomend them to anyone.

So thats all for this years christmas beauty bits,
Did any of you get anything nice? Let me know!