Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tarte Amazonian 12hr Full coverage foundation

Last day in Las Vegas, spur of the moment dash to Sephora and this little tube caught my eye. I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was all the reviews on the powder version I'd seen or the cute little wooden packaging, but whatever it was - im glad. I struggle with three things in a foundation, 1)longevity 2) finding a shade to match my paleness 3) not making my skin dry. This foundation ticks all those boxes, and more. It is the perfect harmony between dewy and matte, like skin but still blurring out all those imperfections, it doesn't cling to dry patches and actually makes your skin look healthy if you do suffer with dry skin like mine. The longevity of it is also incredible, all other foundations including higher end and lower that ive tried will usually start to look a little worse for wear at around 1pm (when working and applying at 7am) whereas this one will get me from 7am to half five finish time with no problems and even time for a few cheeky drinks and fajitas after without need for touch up. As for colour, I got the shade 'fair beige' after being instructed by a helpful lady in Sephora, even though at the time I thought I always go for the lightest shade so I know this will be wrong - it actually wasn't. They all come in a red and yellow undertone based shades so although it looked darker, when blended its actually the perfect shade to cover my red undertones, making it the best shade I've ever had! (I have fake tan on in picture above so that's why its abit 'off' but un-faketanned its absolutely perfect) So there I was, in love with a foundation for the first time in my life and spouting 'holy-grail' and 'i'll never use anything again' when it suddenly hit me, the UK doesn't do Tarte products. moody, savouring it for special occasion Ella occurred and my hopes of my holy grail foundation flittered away, until - Tarte released on QVC in UK pops up on my blog screen! hooray, happy dance ella reappears and knows its clearly meant to be between me and this beauty (when its re-stocked and in my shade, boo!)

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