Monday, 15 July 2013



1) This top is from river island which is a shop I never used to think much about but have recently been loving! although quite simple it has embellished daisies on it which adds a little something and I think it would look perfect with some light denim shorts or ripped jeans when it gets abit cooler! plus - its only £15! and would definitely be atleast £38 in other stores (topshop we're looking at you)
2) I think the lace detail at the bottom of this gives this simple skirt a little something extra and would be nice to wear alone with a tshirt in the summer or with a chunky jumpy and tights in the winter.
3)this style is a typical 'me' style. baggy, white and cute wording and im all over it. but its only £9.99, so why not?
4)every year I want some raybans but the price tag of them is ridiculous! being from the UK we get about 2 weeks a year of sunglasses worthy weather so its just not worth it for me (I usually pick up a cheap pair from work) but if I was going on holiday or living in a hotter country - id definitely be rocking these.
5)lipsticks my go-to in heat as everything else stays pretty simple due to it making my skin feel so dry and tight. I love coral-peachy tones as it really gives a fresh summer look.

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  1. Awesome wishlist, I love the colour of that MAC lipstick!
    *new follower*