Monday, 31 January 2011

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Review

As you may know by the recent blogposts, i recently went to New York. I knew before i went that i wanted to pick up this little treasure as here in the UK it will set you back £40, atleast in all the places near me. I brought this for $39 (which is around £25) in the sephora on broadway. I stood there for a good 20 minutes atleast deciding wether or not to buy one of the coloured versions, In which i thought green to reduce my redness or brown for abit of a bronzed effect, or the original 'light one'. I didnt really want the bronzed one as i am quite pale and thought this would make my head an obvious different colour to my body, so it was between green or light - now although i do suffer with abit of redness when its cold, i wouldnt call it a problem, The only thing putting me off the light was the fact it was 'Oil free' and good for oily skin, now my skin is VERY DRY, so automatically i was like hmm, maybe not. But my mum actually forced me to get it because she wanted to leave and get some food, So i purchased it and went on my way - Im SO happy that i did. It makes your skin so smooth and cashmere like, aswell as making my makeup last alot longer throughout the day.
I love it that much i may ever have to pay the £40 when i run out to buy it here in the UK.
This is a must buy product for smooth skin and long wearable makeup!
Thumbs up from me (Y)

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