Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Just live your life..

Abit of a random post again, sorry guys! I was going to do a 'what i got in birmingham' Haul, but most of it was brought for my birthday so i dong get it intill saturday :( Which means a big post all about my birthday, presents, what i did ect.

Todays post was inspired by my mumma dearest. As we were walking around the shops and talking about something she said "You might aswell do everything you want when your young, because you get old sooner than you know it". Then it suddenly hit me, im 20 in four days!? Only yesterday it seems like i was sixteen and going, i cant wait to go out - or drive ect ect.. I had SO many things i wanted to do, and just - put off.

I always used to have such a positive outlook on life, I still do - not to be bigheaded but i'm a very polite girl (sometimes this is a bad thing) I never really get down unless its over something HUGE and when people are down i always try and talk them round to see a positive, im still a happy go lucky sort of person, but i always find myself worrying alot more than i ust to, About what people might think, or what i should be doing for my age, where i should be.. & Just end up wasting time doing it.

My motto in life was always
Threw school, i litrally lived by this, sure i'd get upset like everyone would - but i'd always think this a few minutes into it and suddenly everything felt better and i was a positive stong person. I dont know how i lost this, I cry alot more at stupid little things and get really moody about minor issues then i'll be fine two seconds later.

Point is. i think we all need something in life to push us to do the things we really want or atleast be happy with how we are and not care what others think.
And my mum saying this, made me realize how much time i'd actually wasted being unhappy, so to sort it out - a.s.a.p!

Ramble over. :)


  1. Such a lovely post and a nice motto to go by. xx

  2. Great advice Elle! Glad you are doing so well now! Never throw in the towel:)