Tuesday, 8 November 2011

lush goodies!

I went to lush last week with my bestfriend and brought some goodies! Me and my bestest have this thing with lush where we always know we want loads of stuff, even have what we want in mind, but when we go in the shop assistants are just so OVERLY friendly its unbearable! i like friendly staff, working in retail i think i know enough about customer service to last me a lifetime, but theres such a thing as taking it to far, you litrally cant sniff something without atleast two of them attacking you and going "oh thats my favourite, it smells amazing!" but about every single product you smell, aswell as there slogan catchphrase 'its so good i could eat it' well no, its soap.
But anyway, i do love lush products! they all smell gorgeous and make bathtime just a little bit happier, especially when its a cold night in winter and all you want is warming up and a little TLC. :)

My bag got all crinkled as i did buy this all about a week ago, but was a naughty blogger and have left it this long to write about it (although i havnt used any specifically so i could write a blogpost about it) think that deserves a well done! *pats on back* I basically love anything sweet smelling, especially vanilla, anything with or smelling like vanilla i will practically love! All of these things practically have that sort of scent (sweet,vanilla) except skullduggery, which is only described as 'a burst of citric lime to freshen up your bathtime'. I wouldnt usely go for that smell, but if im honest i liked the skull shape and in the shop with that many different things around it, it did smell different - however, i do like it still as its very fresh smelling, but ill let you know once used!

*Snow fairy shower gel, Skullduggery, Lust soap, Superstar (christmas collection)


  1. i love lush to i cant wait for my next trip xx

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  2. Totally agree about the sales assistants in there, sometimes they're just TOO overwhelming and I totally forgot what I've gone in to buy! I loveeee vanilla scents too.. must make a trip to LUSH asap xx