Friday, 3 February 2012

Naked Palette 2

I'm sure you have all would of read a review about the naked palette 2 by now, or if not written one yourself! However, i know from experience some people over rate things on hype ect and just thought id give you my little opinion aswell.

When i first heard about the naked palette 2 release i got more excited about it than any other makeup release EVER. I loved the original palette (even though i got it about a year after being released) slow as ever, eh? so the thought of a new - updated version in my hands got me squealing like a little girl for a lollypop. However, i didn't feed into the "Midnight debenhams launch" nonsense, yes i was excited - but at the end of the day its just eyeshadow and if i hadn't got it, my life wouldn't be over! RIP KELLY anyone?

So when i had to return something to debenhams and could only get a gift card exchange, i jumped at the chance of ordering this! I did debate it at first, but once i'd hit order i knew id love it so much it would justify the price tag.

With that being sad, Yes i do love this palette - but i do think a lot of it is just in the name! Apart from blackout i can honestly say i prefer the original naked palette. In the new one, i like "tease""foxy" and "busted" but in real terms i could quite easily just use buck, naked and sin and be just as happy with it! Blackout is something I've really enjoyed in the palette as i thought this was what lacked in the original, although it had an almost black in it, it was to shimmery and now quite there for my liking!

All in all, i'll use it - i'll love it like its my own. The mirrors a lot handier in this one and the packaging a lot more sturdy, but i think ill sneakily be going back to the original one quite often, the love affair isn't quite over between us yet!


  1. nice to see an honest review :) or at least a different perspective. I personally think if you have one palette you dont need them both but to have one would be handy.

    Great post :) xxx

  2. What a lovely review! So tempted to get the naked palette but I have a cheapo version of a natural kind of palette and theres no need for loads! xxx

  3. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to do so! It's a great palette to have in your make up kit xx

  4. ahh i want this but cant aford it or the first one! great post hun xx