Thursday, 9 February 2012

Feel Unique Box Febuary

This is the second feel unique beauty box i've received, and have to say I'm a lot happier with this one then i was the first! It includes a good variety of products for every part of the body and has a mix of brands i've heard of and ones that i haven't.

I've really been enjoying using oil on my hair recently and had heard a lot of good things about using it on your skin, nails ect so was super excited to get the nuxe dry oil which can be used on all of the above, seen as i have really dry skin especially in the summer it will definitely come in useful!
The Elemis product is a very generous 'sample' size, it's used for a hand and body wash - I used this on my hands earlier & literally hated it straight away. It felt like i'd applied glue to my hands (like you used to when you were a kid to peel it off) and was so sticky it was unreal! however once it had soaked in for about five minutes, it has made my skin alot softer, but i'll stick be sticking to my hand food by soap & glory. 

The phytopeel by Decleor is another thing i think will be good for my skin at the moment seen as its an exfoliating cleanser, however - the word 'peel' always puts my off things as i think its going to be super harsh on my skin - anyone else or just me being a weirdo?

The philip kingsly elacticizer is something i've never even heard of before and something i find a little strange, its a pre shampoo treatment that claims to make your hair alot more bouncy and full of volume, as thats how i love my hair being I'm excited to try it but i do think its a bit of a weird creation!

And lastly the leighton denny nail polish, i've seen this in a lot of beauty boxes as a brand so wasn't very surprised, but i do red nails quite alot on nights out so will save me repurchasing barry m's red for a while longer! Also, as i received my box this morning i also received an email from feel unique saying they would no longer be doing there beauty boxes anymore, which i'm actually quite sad about as it took me ages to choose this one to subscribe too! but i guess when one door closes, another opens..


  1. Looks like quite a good box to receive :) something about beauty boxes just doesnt make me go WOW though - I'm not sure what? I do love the look of that nailvarnish though I must say :)


  2. Alot of them didn't to me either, but chose this one as I love the actual site aswell! So sad it's ended ;(

  3. I love the look of this box, such a shame they haven't continued with this as I was ready to subscribe! :( x