Saturday, 19 March 2011

NYX review

i ordered all the items from, and was very impressed with the delivery. I ordered at around 3 on the thursday evening and received it first thing saturday morning. As my happy little face occured as it do's anytime i receive a package, it was soon sad when the one thing i had REALLY wanted 'strawberry milk lipstick' wasnt in there, they had however refunded it straight away and sent me a little orange cupcake lipgloss instead as a freebie for the hastle - which i thought was a really nice gesture (unfortunatly i managed to snap the cupcake off the top in an attempt to open it ;(

Georgia peach lip laquer
I love this cutie, its abit sticky but smooth at the same time if that makes any sense - it dosn't dry out your lips. Ive used it mostly over pink and coral lipsticks to make them a little less harsh which works wonderfully, but it is a really nice colour on its own :)

Lipgloss in Pink
I was a little disapointed with this, for some reason id convinced myself id brought a baby pink lipgloss to go with the strawberry milk lipstick, but when infact reading the invoice - i had ordered just standard 'Pink' WHOOPS! it's okay, its nothing special but it looks nice over anything and is a good price at £2.99 so if its your thing, go for it.

Jumbo eye pencils in 'iced mocha & milk'
I like these, ALOT, on the left there is Iced Mocha - its a beautiful shimmery brown thats perfect as a base for a smoky eye or natural look, ive done both and it glues down eyeshadow like theres no stopping it! Next is Milk, i really liked this just as a highlight, but then for some reason i decided to try it in my waterline and it made my eyes look so magical :) i loved it from them on! The only downside to it is the white smudges a little but for £2.99 i think its a wonderful product and would recommended it to everyone.

(Left - Milk) (Right - Iced Mocha)


  1. I love the Milk jumbo pencil! It's brill x

  2. I know, i misplaced mine for a week and realized how much i used it for everything at that point! Its just something every girl should have in there makeup bag :) x