Saturday, 9 April 2011

i know i can be a good girl

I hate these pictures as a look frumpy and moody but i love this top, It was from primark and has little Geek glasses all over it 8-) I threw a plain black h&m skirt with it, black tights and some simple flats - then the denim jacket as it was warm but going into the night i knew it would get colder.

I've had a rubbish week as ive had a horrible cold/headache/sorethroat/cough combo going on, which has just made me feel really eugh. I then travelled to leamington tuesday for work and everything that could went wrong, which made me a very grumpy bunny ; but im feeling alot better now and looking forward to a nice lie in and sunday dinner tomorrow.

hope your all okay :) 

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