Sunday, 10 April 2011

Second Post Of Sunday

I've seen a few of these 'tags' going round and thought i'd join the bandwagon so my lovley new followers could get to know me abit better, the questions are of all different tags i've seen and kind of jumbled together, so here we go..

1) what made you make a blog?
I actually made one because i was really interested in doing Youtube videos because i got really into watching them, and as i started speaking to one of the girls who made videos (Aimee) i wanted to do it more. Unfortuantly i chickened out due to a bad camera and thinking 'what if people hate them, or people i know in my town see and think its abit weird' Which when i think off im like everyone and think 'suck it up and do it' but i just never did, so writing on my blog was a way of still getting my views and thoughts across without going full on out there.

2) whats your favorite high end makeup brand?
cliche - but MAC.

3) favorite drugstore makeup brand?
Oh gosh, i have no idea. Im going to say Barry M as i have so many of there nail paints and a few lipsticks, but not alot face wise from them :/ but yes, Barry M!

4) What did you wear today?
Black leggings and a grey top with embroidery detail round the top - nothing special, ive been ill and in bed most of the day except for sunday dinner. :)

5) 10 random facts about you?
i cant sleep on the side of the bed not near the wall
ill eat everything from a roast dinner just without the meat casually
i have obsessions with hello kitty, penguins, birds and skulls
i get seriously grumpy if im hungry
i want to travel the world but haven't even been to london
my favorite colors purple
i love peas, love them
i have my ears pierced twice but rarely wear earrings 
i work for miss selfridge
disarano and coke is my night out drink

6) would you ever do a meet up?
Sure, I love meeting new people and always love an excuse to get out of my hometown! I'd love to meet up with some of the lovely girls i speak to already :)

7) most worn thing in your wardrobe?
Boring - leggings or black tights

8) favorite clothing store?
Forever 21 - but as we only have one in the UK, and its abit of a distance for me, Primarni also :)

9) things you want to do before you die?
Travel america
Get married and have a family
Go to london
Meet a real-life penguin 
Be successful in my career

10) who are your favorite bloggers? 
ahh, i have so many. More of them are from youtube though to be honest, Hayley at LadderInMyTights as shes so lovely, ALBmakeup as shes such a sweetie aswell, Swalkermakeup, GoodGollyMissHollie, Llymlrs, Schoee - there's so many.

Well thats a little insight into me :) Feel free to tag me in any other tags or just ask me questions on a spur of the moment thing!

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  1. I was just having a nosy at your blog hun and saw you'd mentioned me in your latest post! That is sooo kind I just couldnt click off without saying thankyou, it means alot keep it up i love your blog!!! xxx