Saturday, 11 June 2011

all the peices of me..

hello my little doves,
todays post is abit of an all time random one, type and see we're it gos. I realized i hadnt blogged in a while, not because i didnt want to or anything - but i either always leave my laptop or camera at my boyfriends, then go home on my day off.. or get distracted by silly little things like taking my dogs for a walk or theyll look at you like this for food.

cant resist, right? but anyways, i've also had some other stuff going on at the moment which only people close to me will know, so all in all i havnt been the best of bloggers at the moment, for which i can only apologize.
I do however, have a week off work now which hopefully means i'll be able to do lots of blogging, although i do have some other commitments (its my birthday, going to birmingham ect) but for most of them, ill be able to take lots of pictures and do a write-up the week later.

While having my little blogging break, i've realized i have actually made some good friends from doing it, there all amazing girls and deserve a little mention ;)

and also holly, plus check out her new YT video! the makeup in it is gorgeous :)

cant really think off much else to say, other than i'm alive! and will be blogging again properly soon! hope your all okay, and have a lovley weekend!


  1. Aww cute dogs, have a lovely birthday. Look forward to your posts :-) x

  2. your dogs are so cute xx

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