Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beauty UK

This is a brand i've never really been intrested in if im honest, i'll always glance at it and think 'it just looks like cheap, schoolgirl makeup' (snob, i know) but it would always be on the end of arms at superdrug, just slung there like a 'im not important' sign might aswell be hung above it. Then, i took a trip to milton keynes & there's was set up like all the other makeup brands in nice little shelves with graphics, prices and everything - so i thought i'd take a peak. It turns out in the end, i think they've had some sort of re-vamp as my local superdrug now looks alot better and fresh :) which is a big thumps up from me.

anyway, on to the good bit - the makeup.

The first thing that caught my eye was this lipstick, at first glance i automatically though "That looks abit like snob from Mac" oh, and guess what the name of this little beauty is? Snob. thats right, a complete and utter rip off. However, at £3.99 instead of £13.50 - I thought i'd give this ago.

I dont own Snob from Mac, (sigh) but from swatches i do think its abit pinkier than this, but i do love the colour of this lipstick as its quite easy to pull off although being different, and looks lovely with a little gloss over the top. The product itself, i cant fault. the two things i can? Packaging & the smell. If your gonna re-vamp the look of the brand, do your packaging too please Beauty Uk. honestly, it would make me want to buy so much more stuff, all you've done different is add a heart to it, which in my opinion makes it look more cheap and childish - but maybe thats just me. The smell is erm, intresting also. I'm used to my beloved Hue, which is my favourite scent, Vanilla. This smells like menthol, medicine type thing which really puts me off, but you cant smell it on - just in the tube.

Applied by itself.

Applied with gloss over the top.

Then, a blusher caught my eye. It was baked, which i seem to have become obsessed with recently, and a gorgeous pinky/coral colour. I've wanted to try a coral blusher for ages, but if im honest i never thought it would suit my skintone, as its uber pale and im a beleiver in coral go's with a tan, But with this - i was wrong. It gives me the most beautiful glow that no other blusher has ever given me, It looks Uh-maz-ing with really contoured cheeks (i use sleek contour palette in 884 light) and then this on the apples of your cheeks. i love it so much its been my go too blusher since i've brought it. Again, the packagings cheap and rubbish but for £3.99 and the product being good, you cant really complain.

Beauty Uk "peaches and cream"


  1. Peaches and cream looks nice! I saw this in superdrug (went there for the first time in AGES) and totally overlooked the brand...will defo have to go back! x

  2. I loves that lipstick! It's such a lovely colour! I've never tried BeautyUK so I think I'm going to have to buy a few little things :P Great swatches too! :) xx

  3. Charli - its not just me being a snob then! haha, i just hate the packaging so it makes me think 'thats gonna be rubbish, dont bother looking" but actually there really good :) .. makes you think about looking at some other stuff too!

  4. Coleyy - Thankyou darling :) In real life i thought it was abit more purply/plum thats why i said Mac snobs abit pinkier, but in picture light its actually a more pinky shade :) x

  5. I have that blush, it's lovely! I must investigate the lipsticks :) x

  6. That lipstick looks amazing, so funny about the blatent rip off haha! I'm going to have a look! :D

  7. that is so cheap for a lipstick and pretty colour xx

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