Sunday, 22 May 2011

Penguin Nails

Just a quick post to show you guys my newly painted Penguin nails!
(sorry for the rubbish quality photo, cameras at my boyfriends house so hello iphone picture!)

I got the inspiration from the beautiful Coleyyy, although hers looked Alot better then this! But they make me smile everytime i see them, So go check her out and try these for yourself :)


  1. eeee, this is super cute :D xo

  2. It's so nice that you mentioned me lovely! :) your penguin looks fab! and it really is better than mine :) I like penguins, they make me smile too :) I think I should do bears next time :D

    Hope you're okay beautiful girly! :)

  3. Ofcourse I'd mention you, they were your idea! Should be saying thanks to you not the other way round, lol! I love penguins :) wanna meet a real one! aww bears would be cute :) xx

  4. that penguin is so cute xx

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