Sunday, 22 May 2011

A-Z of me

I've seen this on a few girls blogs, so thought i'd give it a whirl.

Age: I will turn 20 on the 18th june, bye bye teenager!
Bed Size: Double!
Chore you Hate: All of them..
Dogs: Two :) Holly & Maddi
Essential start of your day: My Alarm Clock
Favourite Colour: Purple
Gold or Silver: Silver Definitely! I hate gold for some reason
Height: Like 5'9? maybe more, im a tall kid.
Instruments I play: Guitar a little..
Job Title: Supervisor
Kids: None :)
Live: Near Oxford
Mum's name: Susan
Nickname: Elle, Elmo.
Pet Peeve: People chewing really loud/mouth open ect, cant handle it!
Quote from a movie: "You go glen coco"
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: Older brother.
Time you wake up: Usually 6.30am for work..
Underwear: Primarni :) Only ones to ever fit properly..
Vegetables you dislike: Loads!
What makes you run late: Oversleeping..
X-rays you've had done: Arm, Twice & Kidneys
Yummy food you make: Mac & Cheese (or so im told, i dont like it)
Zoo animal: PENGUIN! i love them :)


  1. Woo a fellow tall girl :) You go Glen Coco :) xx

  2. Oooh you live near Oxford? Me too :D xxx

  3. yeah :) well like 25 mins away on train x

  4. that is such a cool post xx

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