Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday Rambles

Hello my little birdys,

Just abit of a ramble post today, first of all i'd like to say thankyou to everyone for helping me get to over 40 followers :)! Its absolutly amazing to me, i never though 4 people let alone 40 people would ever want to read my thoughts/rambles! 
When/if i reach 50 followers, i will be having my first giveaway as a further little thankyou to everyone :) I'd like to know from you all what you would like to be able to win in the giveaway, as after all it is for you!

This weeks been pretty boring, i've been at work alot as its there sale so its quite a busy time. I had today off however and just lazed about (woops!) I've also got tomorrow off, so im gonna head into town with my friend there go out for a meal with my boyfriend and some old school friends, so abit more productive of a day.

I want something on my blog i cant do weekly, So from next week onwards its going to be "Tuesday Treasures" as i usually have tuesday of work, i thought this would be the best day that id actually sit down and do it. The post will be about things im loving that week, new products ive found that are amazing or even blogs/youtube channels ive been into for that week. Even though its wednesday, im gonna do a mini version [i know how naughty, cheating already] just cause i've got some things im loving right now that i want to share :)

1} Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash & face mask
Not gonna lie, love this! dry skin, gone. Oily patches, vanished! I dont know how, but this makes your skin so normal - its amazing. If you have spots, it will clear them up, Its like a little mary poppins in a face wash. One problem i will say with it is if you dont use it after using it for a while it will then tend to break you out - but just keep using it!

2} Models own 'Mystic Mauve' nail polish
Just a gorgeous purple shimmer colour, cant say much more really.

I've also became an Eyeko Ambassador just because really, i think its a good way for people to buy something and get a little something in return. So if you ever buy from Eyeko (which i suggest you do) Use my code : E15998 at the checkout and get a free gift when you spend over £15, simple eh?

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  1. Ooh that nail varnish is amazing!! Not seen that one in shops! x

  2. I got mine from boots, I'd never seen it before either but there was a lot more shimmery/metallic colours so maybe it's a new range to boots? There so worth it! x

  3. The Mystic Mauve looks really pretty!

  4. that nail varnish is so pretty xx

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