Monday, 16 May 2011

Accessorize your makeup

I'm pretty much the biggest sucker for nice packaging going, so when i saw the accessorize line in my local superdrug i had to have a little nosey. I first heard about the brand from a youtube video were the girl was wearing one of there nail polishes, which was gorgeous! But at that point we didn't have it in our superdrug, but for some odd reason the store decided to have a refurbishment (much appreciated superdrug) where it got everything a superdrug should have minus MUA (boohoo).

After looking online, i knew i had my heart set on a baked blush aswell as a baked eyeshadow - unfortunately a models own nail varnish and n07 hot cloth cleanser took up my funds for that day so i could only purchase one:

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, one of the main reasons im loving the brand at the moment, But the main reason i picked this one up is because of the purple reflects

It turns it from any old pink blusher into the most beautiful highlight ever! It is quite shimmery though so i suggest this is the main bit of sparkle with everything else toned down, but it looks great day or night. It would annoy me if i owned Mac, (i can wish) that companys are ripping them off right infront of there noses, as this is such a copy of there mineralize blushes, but for me - its pretty good! As this only cost me around £5 and Macs will set you back about £20, i really suggest if you want to try them, or was a perfect dewy pink highlight - you try this product.

On my way back to work, i had to stop in boots (someone pushed me in i'm sure) i wanted a light gold/bronze/cream colour just to use on days where i cant be bothered, i walked round all the stands then natural collection caught me eye.

This is Barley, and was a steal at £1.99. Natural collection do some really lovely colours in there single shades but i never really look there if im honest, just reminds me of being in year seven at school and using the toffe lipgloss and £1.99 foundation (ahh bad days) but honestly, next time your in there, try something. for the price, your not going to be disappointed.

(Blush On Left & Bottom - Barley eyeshadow on right)


  1. These look lovely :)
    I'm going to have to have a look at these products myself, especially the eyeshadow :)

  2. i LOVE their make up!! So beautiful and so well priced xx

  3. Oooh - Definitely going to have a look at the accessorize blush :D

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