Sunday, 15 May 2011

Princess Diaries

I'm sure your all sick of hearing about Kate Middleton by now, but i'm a little slow on the bandwagon.
I thought i'd give this little lady a blog post to herself, purely because i think she is amazing. I've never really had someone 'famous' or a 'celebrity' Ive looked at and thought "wow shes perfect, everything id ever wanna be" because if i'm honest, they seem to fake. Kate Middleton however, is my perfect women (i realize i sound like i have a crush on her there, and maybe i slightly do) but hey, guys have man crushes? I'm having a girl one.

She reminds me a lot of Cheryl Cole, but i never jumped on the Chezza hype because yes she is beautiful, and although i'd probably be forever grateful to the hairdresser if they made my hair look half like hers, I unlike most people remember what she looked like before, so to me it's all makeup, extensions, and money that made her so beautiful, which i'm sorry but in my eyes - isn't beauty.
Kate however, has all the elements of Chez; big hair, flawless skin, buckets of style and enough confidence to make anyone fall for her (even the future king).


I first fell in love with her here, the navy blue dress with the ring was such a good move on her part - which was proved when near enough every store on the high street did a copy of it. I'm not gonna lie, i didnt watch all of the royal wedding cause a lot of it bored me, but i did tune in to see what she was wearing, and i think the fact she did her own makeup and couldn't stop smiling the whole time proves how down to earth she is, which is why one day she will make the perfect queen. And most of all, i want that blue sparkly number sitting on her left hand right now.

Kate Middleton crush done,
Now lets move on to Pippa..


  1. I freakin' adore Kate & Pippa. They are naturally beautiful & don't need to make a big effort to look gorgeous. :) xo

  2. I know :) Not gonna lie wish i looked like them in the morning, little jealous!

  3. Totally agree, she's so elegant and beautiful. A million times better than Cheryl though in my opinion!xxx

  4. kate is so pretty i am really jealous of her right now xx

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