Saturday, 7 May 2011

Saturday Wishlist

Today was abit of a fail, i had work from 8.45-6.15 then was meant to have a team meeting, so didnt plan anything exciting for my saturday night and then everyone bailed at the last minute, So i finally got time to write a post.
I've got loads of posts i want/need to do, just need to get the mojo flowing and takes some pictures and get it done! someone make me? or i'll just be a lazybum. But anyway, i thought seen as i was online shopping (its part of my job so i have to do it, honest) i'd show you a few things ive got my baby blues on.



The top is from topshop & comes in at £32, I've been loving flowy tops instead of tight fitted ones recently which my mum says is due to getting older, bore. I've really wanted Gosh's Fluffy Peach cream blusher for ages, and unfortunately its still nowhere to be seen in my local superdrug (typical, eh?) I may even have to go as far as buying this bad boy online!
Next up is my little Mac Hue, mine was tragically lost on a night out and my hearts been aching ever since, Life just isn't the same without my nude lipstick to turn too. And last but not least, My Mulberry Ruby bayswater, Now again unfortunately this one will never make it into my wardrobe as its about £800, but its beautiful and i want the bow! So a girl can dream, right?

What are all you lovelies wanting this weekend?
Let me know!

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  1. that top and handbag are really pretty xx

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