Thursday, 21 April 2011

Benefit Erase Paste

Say hello to my new little friend, Benefit Erase paste. I brought this little beauty of Ebay (By I, i mean my boyfriend) & I know what your thinking because i was too, Its from ebay - It's properly a fake ect, Even more so when you know it retails at around £19.50 and i got this little baby for £4.99. However, It was described as a US department store second that had slight problems with packaging only hence why it was so cheap - So upon arrival i was expecting a battered and bruised box. There was infact, Nothing noticeably wrong about the packaging whatsoever, So i was Very impressed with this buy.

It's a teeny tiny pot as it is, so i personally think £19.50 is a ridiculous price for it! But the product itself is amazing. I use it just under the eyes to give it a brightening effect and it works better than any other concealer i've tried, it really makes them glow and brightens up the whole eye. I cant think of one single thing i don't like about this product except the retail price - So benefit, your going to have to get cheaper or im gonna keep searching on ebay as long as i live, cause this little gems a keeper for my makeup bag. :)


  1. I don't like parting with £20 for it, but it lasts so long that I can deal with it! My favourite under-eye concealer! Will start looking on ebay though!x

  2. I love this too. Bit pricy but lasts ages xx

  3. i buy all my expensive makeup of ebay to xx

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  4. I bought one of these off eBay for £5 the other day and it arrived today. Unfortunately it is a fake. I should have known better. I'll be trying to claim money back via PayPal now.