Friday, 8 July 2011

photo of the day..

excuse la first picture, i dont really do 'serious photos' i.e - posed shots. I always look awful in them, as you can see in the second one i look like i am, or have swallowed a chipmunk.
I never really do any of these so thought i would as i had my natural hair going on today, i feel like it makes me look like a chav, que cher lloyd swagger jagger.. but everyone at work loves it!

Hope you liked seeing my mug for once :)


  1. You look lovely bub! :D I likes your hair! and your bow... I'm very jealous! :P Your makeup is gorg too! :) xx

  2. love love love love your hair! You are too pretty to be a chav :) Cher wishes she was you xx

  3. That bow is gorgeous, LOVE your hair x

  4. You look lovely! :)

    Love the eyeshadow and your hair looks lush! xx