Thursday, 7 July 2011

pink flamingos in the pool..

Bit of a random post to be honest, but i was talking to my beautiful friend coleyyy and asked her if i needed the new 'mlle' lipstick from Mac. To sum this beauty up, its pink - nude likeish and a perfect everyday lipstick, all thumbs up from me! But then i had the mid month paydays ages away moment of 'do i really need ANOTHER pink lipstick?'

I also have angel by mac somewhere but it was no-where to be found for this photo (obviously camera shy) i honestly thought i didnt have that many lipsticks or makeup in general to be fair - i've always loved makeup but just brought things i knew id use all the time, but somehow i've managed to make abit of a collection of la pinkies!

So lets go back to the question, do i need another pink lipstick? uhm, yes. well i dont need it, but i want it so so much. A new little lipstick makes me so happy inside (yes once again i sound sad/shallow/blahblueghblah) but honestly, i think if something as little as that makes you happy - then why not do it? i dont work all day for then when payday strikes i can go 'oh no, better leave that there' i want the lipstick so goshdarnit i'm having it, sorry bank card - its off to Mac. :)

now lets just stare at how pretty it is intill it arrives.. ahhh :)


  1. Oooh super pretty shades of lippy! Lovely!


  2. You can never have too many pink lipsticks, or any lipsticks for that matter, or any make up :D I always say that if you want something and you can afford it without making yourself really out of pocket, then go for it, life's too short to wish you'd done things or bought things ;) so you treat yourself to the lipstick, go have a little spend, it'll make you a happy bunny :D xxxx

  3. Hehe it looks gorgeous, go for it! I have the same dilemma with nail polish, I have nearly 150 and yet every time I see a new one I like I set my heart on it til I have it! xx

  4. GREAT blog! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really LOVE your two cents on it, especially in the most recent post. you are so inspirational and your opinions would mean so much! Thanks!