Wednesday, 6 July 2011

something's naked on my bed..

Hi everyone!
Yes i'm back :) dun dun dun! I had a do i delete my blog momento this week, and i did delete it for all of about three days then discovered i wanted to blog, so its been brought back to life (maybe i should buy it some of the new illamasqua collection,eek!) but anyways, i'm back now and hopefully you'll all be happy to hear that.

Some of you may know i've been wanting the naked palette for well, a long time. I kept 'umm & ahh ing' over it, when eventually i put on twitter - someone make up my mind, do i need it or not!? and alot of people said yes! I stopped wearing eyeshadow for a while at the time, so thought i wouldn't get much use out of it, maybe once and a while on a night out.. but boy i was wrong.

Excuse la chubby fingers, trying to save you all from being blinded by the mirror! I've used every single colour in here since i brought it just over a week ago, and i love them all. I always find in palettes theres a colour your never going to use, in this i was certain it was going to be the last two as there not what i call an everyday eye colour? but once again, little old me was wrong, used them both today and they are gorgeous!

All in all, i love this palette! which in my heart i always knew i would, but £32 for eyeshadows is a heck of alot of money! I Used some debenhams beauty card points which knocked a tenner off, then 10% discount so all in all i got it for about £20ish? which i still think is expensive but then looking at it like EACH Mac eyeshadow would cost you £13.50, its a pretty good bargain, and all the eyeshadows are actually amazing - i get a little excited each morning deciding which ones to use (yes, im sad - it's fine i've excepted this, so should you) so i really suggest anyone undecided on this go and buy it! now i have it, i'd definitly pay the full price!

Here's some more lovely pictures of my arms, as you do..


  1. YAY! Isn't it amazingly amazing!! I LOVE mine sooo much xx

  2. I believe I was one of the bad influences that persuaded you to purchase this! Glad you like xxx

  3. Yay you're back :D love the header too I love my Naked palette :D x