Monday, 29 August 2011

better late then never

Aloha birdies, i cant beleive i havnt posted since my july favourites and its now nearly septemember? eep! Naughty Eleanor. I've just ordered a silly little tripod from ebay for something silly like £2.35, but its going to make blogging so much easier for me as i'll hopefully be able to take some decent pictures for once, well once it arrives and i find my beautiful little camera as its gone into hiding.

Im going on holiday for a week next week to somewhere just outside yorkshire called Pickering. I've personally never heard of it before but la boyfriends family were going so we thought we'd tag along as we had a week off, and its nice to get out of where you live every once and a while. Hopefully, if i find my camera - i'll be taking lots of snaps and outfit posts while i'm there! 

Heres a few crummy iphone pictures of stupid things I've been upto while I've been away.

I take pictures of the more random things with my iphone because i always have it on me! The little hat and gloves are for my best friends baby, which is due in December! As you can see i'm already trying to make her fall in love with hello kitty :) It was also mine and the boyfriends 3 year anniversary and he got me the cutest card, ever - he did quite well for once! *pats back*

Also, i went to tesco to buy a plain black nail varnish, any would of done as i wanted to try out some leopard print nails and my Barry m black nail paint had seen better days! However, i ended up coming out with no black (boo) but a lovley greige colour!
excuse the poor paint job, but for a grey i really love this colour and dont know why? its so simple but makes me feel all grown up and pretty. & I think its a pretty good dupe for OPI skull & glossbones - but for a fraction of the price!


  1. The colour is gorgeous, I'd been looking for a nice grey colour for AGES x

  2. really like the nail colour xx