Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July favourites

The title pretty much sums up whats going on here, so let's jump into the good stuff shall we?

I've been using my naked palette non-stop for the entire month, once brought i honestly never looked back, Its just so capable of making any sort of eye variation you desire.
My 'go to' eye of the month has been 'Virgin' in the inner half of my eye (first picture) then 'Naked' in my crease, its such a natural eye but looks so much better than having nothing on them.

I've been using this brush for contouring and im gonna be honest and say it works a treat, im really sorry to say i have no idea where its from as i stole it from my mother dearest as she never uses it, but im sure any kind of same looking brush would do the job! just makes things so much easier and more precise.

Bit of a random favourite, but my boyfriend took me to cotswold wildlife centre this month purely to see the penguins :) it was a really nice day as the weather was gorgeous so we had a little picnic & everything! I brought this keyring to remember the day, but its SO hard to photograph as its filled with water so the liccle penguin moves on his icecube, but it makes me smile everytime i get my keys out (small minds are easily amused)

& finally.

The engagement ring :) Yes thats right girls, i officially love the month of july as its the month i got engaged - so its one of my all time favourites! I didnt really know whether to put a picture on here of la ring or even mention it, but some people (especially holly) REALLY wanted to see the ring, so here it is - and i love it! It makes me feel like a little princess everytime i catch it in the corner of my eye & i can honestly say i have the best fiancee, EVER.

Have a good night guys :D


  1. EEEEEEEEK congratulations hunny!!! So happy for you both, your ring is stunning :)

    I love the UD naked combo i wear those colours for work xx

  2. awwwww congrats on the engagment hun. Your ring is amazing. Me and my finace have been engaged a year next week. Its a great feeling.


  3. Congratulations hun! Your ring is absolutely beautiful <3

    I love, love, love the UD Naked palette. Virgin, Naked & Buck are my every day go to's. I've almost completely used up Virgin though, which makes me sad xxx

  4. Congratulations! Your ring is gorgeous :) x

  5. Congrats! Beautiful ring!