Monday, 3 October 2011

I was a little bit naughty and spent some pennies on a few new things, eep! although my excuse is that it was payday and we all deserve a little treat after working so hard for a whole month, dont you think? anyway, onto the good stuff.

+ Lush "Angels on bare skin" + Bodyshop duo body butter "Vanilla" + MUA powder
+ Beauty UK baked blush "royal rose" + Accessorize baked eyeshadow + Famous baked eyeshadow "Shade 2" 

so apparently for some reason i became abit obsessed with baked products that day. Something about them just makes me go 'ooh pretty' and then before i know it im handing over my card to the lady in superdrug and walking out with a huge smile on my face. 

My first new little baby is from accessorize, i love this brand just for the cute little packaging alone - but i have to say there baked products are some of my favourites! Im not to sure on the name as i dont have it with me as im typing this, but if anyone needs it let me know & i'll post a comment back to it! It's actually such a gorgeous shimmery beigy- golden brown tone, perfect if your trying to create a dewy but natural look (as i did today and it worked amazing) the second eyeshadow is from the famous range in superdrug, i think its "famous by sue moxley" or something like that, either way - all the stuffs always half price so this was the ridiculously good price of £2, even though you can see its about half the size of the other one! It's a deeper brown, still very shimmery.

I already own a baked blush from beauty uk in a more peachy color, so thought i'd try this one as a brighter option! its gorgeous, very pigmented and a great price at £3.99, and who doesn't love a lot of baked pink goodness?

+Baked blush "royal rose" BeautyUK +Accessorize baked eyeshadow +Famous baked eyeshadow "shade 2"

This is the first body shop body butter i've EVER used. I've always said they should have a vanilla one and then i'd buy it, and now they've brought out there "duo" range, that is indeed what they have done. However, i am a little disappointed in it - it smells like vanilla, but a only what you can describe as "funky" vanilla, not to appealing at all. I also dont think the body butter itself is OVERLY moisturizing, i've only used it once at the moment though so i will let you all know what i think at a later date!

*i'm yet to use the powder, and i will be doing a full detailed post about angels on bare skin soon. :)


  1. i love angels on bare skin :) i need to buy some more :) I don't own anything from beauty uk...would you recommend? xx

  2. I really would! for the price its quite a good brand, the packaging is AWFUL! but once you get past that its great, and the lipsticks smell abit funny (like menthol, minty medicine) x

  3. Good review :) Lovely blog x

  4. Payday wouldn't be payday without some gorgeous goodies! Adore vanilla smells they're my ultimate faves! Love the blush now too :)

    Following you now - totally thought I was before =O ha-ha


  5. i love the bodyshops bodybutters xx

    my blog :


  6. That's disappointing about the body butter :/ Love the look of all the make-up items though, the eyeshadows look so pretty! xx