Monday, 10 October 2011

whats in my bag?

so didnt really know what to post about today, so thought i'd do a 'whats in my bag' post! here's my baby louis, if you follow me on twitter you'll of heard about him before! "baby louis" is of course my bag, hes not real - nor will he probably ever be (LV's to expensive!) but i love him all the same. This is one of, if not, the smallest bag i own. My mumma dearest brought me this as a present and even though i love it, i would of preferred the bigger version as i tend to haul alot of rubbish around with me, which is why although some random things are in this one, its alot tidier and arranged then my big bags!

(things in bag)
  • burger king vouchers (chub likes things cheap)
  • smurfette from a happy meal
  • mac studio concealer in nw20
  • rimmel lipstick in "pink flush"
  • barry m limited edition lipgloss (no name)
  • urban decay eyeshadow brush (used for concealer)
  • MUA powder shade 1
  • paul smith hair smoothing serum
  • natural collection body spray in vanilla
  • maybelline grey nailpolish in "59"
  • barry m red nailpolish in "262" bright red
  • cath kidston purse


  1. i always love a nose into peoples bag, i love the little smurfette xx

  2. Ooo i looked EVERYWHERE for Smurfette i went to 4 McDs and didn't find her :(

    <3 your bag!! xx

  3. oh haylz :( i cant even remember getting her haha but opened the bag to do this and there she was! :P clearly to many happy meals to even remember (: x

  4. i love your blog xx

    my blog :


  5. Love your purse it's so cute....:): I haven't been to Cath Kidston in forever xxx

  6. I'm so nosey so love reading posts like this! xxx