Tuesday, 11 October 2011

you know i want you

quick post today, i want these things.. end of! not really, although it is that simple :) the river island cardigan looks SO cosy and warm and just up my street but with a £50 price tag im not to sure. Ive wanted some converse for literally EVER but i always seem to put myself off actually buying them, would i wear them enough? who knows. The other two things are from the new collections at Lush, the little skulls are from the halloween one & the gingerbread house from christmas. Godknows how they smell (i'll let you know saturday) but they look so darn cute!


  1. i want the skull bubblebar to but i am not sure whether to get it or not yet xx

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  2. Love the cardigan but you're right - the price is a little extorsionalte! So many shops have put their prices up over the past couple of years, really not liking it


  3. need more furry things in my wardrobe:)

  4. Nice things =)*

    lovely blog !