Monday, 24 October 2011

new beauty buys

I've been a little naughty this month and spent abit of money on makeup & clothes! I went to london with my mummy and had my heart set on some topshop makeup, it always looks amazing online but i'm one of those 'dont buy intill i see it in real life' sort of girls & unfortunately as my topshop, oxford topshop and as far as im aware the birmingham topshop - All dont stock it, i had to have a little splurge why i had the chance.

I picked up 'Brighton rock' a gorgeous bright pink that i'd been eyeing up on the website for ages. I hadnt heard alot about it on the blogger scene as its more 'infered & Ohh la la" but i much prefer this! Its a really nice color that you can lightly dab for day wear or build up for a night out.

This is my first venture into a cream blush, and i must say i love it! these are so easily blendable, and they give such a healthier effect to the skin compared to a powder blush - this is one of my favourite blushes ever & at a price point of £6 compared to Macs £17 you cant really go wrong!

Cant really say a lot about this as i haven't tried it yet, but it looks so black in the pan! I used to have sleeks gel eyeliner and loved it, but it went a bit dry after a while so thought i'd see how this one compares - the only one thing that gripes me about topshop products is although i love the packaging it gets dirty so easily, i've literally had these for a week and they've only been in my makeup bag with sealed products and i had to clean them before taking these photos because they looked grungy.

I also made a sneaky purchuse at avon as i've wanted to try the supershock gel eyeliner for the longest time!
i needed a new mascara and if im honest i just picked anyone in the catalogue as all the avon mascaras i've ever tried of my mums have been amazing, this one claimed to do it all 'lengthen, volumize, darken, curl' so i just added it thinking it would be as good as them all, but boy was i wrong. If im honest i'm a little disappointed, i mean its an okay mascara for natural eyelash look and do's lengthen really well - but its just not what i love from a mascara! However, i love the eyeliner as much as i always knew i would, its SO black and just lasts longer than any other eyeliner ever has, i definitely reccomed getting this girls!


  1. Love the look of all the Topshop goodies! Brighton Rock is on my want list, it looks gorgeous! xxx

  2. i cant wait to try out this makeup out xx

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  3. I definitely want to try these products. Need to look online :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  4. i bought the brighton rock lipstick in liverpool. it's soooo nice!! xx

  5. So obsessed with Topshop makeup - I have two lippies "ooh lala" and one that's something like "beguiled" (I can never remember/spell it) and I absolutely LOVE them. This one's just gorgeous too might have to have a look next time I'm in Toppers ;) goreous products!