Saturday, 31 December 2011

December 2011 Favourites


no7 soft & smoothed cleanser, no7 hydration mask, vaseline aloe vera, dior hypnotic poison, topshop gel liner in 'Ink', collection 2000 16hr concealer, MAC 137 brush & benefit high beam.

Rediscovered no7 skincare recently after having a proper good sort out of my room and finding a bunch of things i thought i'd lost forever (woops!) my mum always buys me skincare bits for birthdays/xmas but truth be told half of them end up hardly used as they make my skin worse! I dont think i ever really tried this much, but after trying no7s hot cloth cleanser i was completly put off as it made my face look like a connect the dot board! nether the less i gave them ago, and i have to say i love them! they've made my skin clearish (its never been perfect) smooth and left a great base for makeup and at around the £7-£14 mark im not gonna complain!

Collection 2000 16hr concealer is also something i threw to the back of my makeup drawer, even though i liked it when i brought it i ended up buying a Mac one straight after and thinking the Mac one would be better, because well, its Mac and about 3x the price - it would be better (makeup snob!) but, i was wrong! This lasts alot longer, dosnt dry my skin as much and just generally looks nicer on my skin! its also available in my local boots which the Mac one isnt, so it saves an extra £6 train fair on top of the Mac one being £13.50 and this one being £4.59, Bargain!

Mac 137 stippling brush, Benefit High beam and Vaseline are things i use daily but never class as my 'favourites' because im just so use to using them, but the staples are the most important!

Dior "Hypnotic Poison" pretty sure i got this back in june for my birthday, im the type of girl that only cracks out a perfume for nights out or special occasions, so with it being christmas and all ive had alot of chance to wear this! Its a hard smell to describe, but is sort of a grown up sweet smell with alot of vanilla musk!


  1. I adore high beam, I couldn't live without (I need a life) happy new year sweetie xx

  2. Me either haylz! But this was a small sample one from a magazine & it's literally lasted forever! x

  3. Oooh you've just brought back memories for me :p my first 'grown up' (by grown up I was about 13) perfume was Dior Poison :p I've just seen that and had a mega flashback about 7 years :p love it!

    Happy New Year sugarr :)


  4. I'm in love with Highbeam! I need to repurchase this really soon!

  5. Ahhh, you're so lucky you have Hypnotic Poison, in my opinion it's one of the best perfumes out there. And thanks for reminding me that I really need High Beam in my life! <3 :)