Sunday, 25 December 2011

the skull bracelet

I always look on twitter at new people following me, people tweeting about companies ect, a)because im nosey and b)i like finding new people and sites to follow. One day i stumbled across Rhi (@othersideofcool) on twitter & she has started up a jewlerry company with all things she makes herself.
I spotted this little number and knew i had to have it!

It ticks all the right boxes, its dainty, not to over the top and yet still adds a suttle bit of rock chic to your outfit. Im the girliest girl going, but for some reason a skull is always in favour in my eyes! I'd definitly reccomded checking out Rhi's site for other designs. It came in gorgeous packaging and even had a little note hand written to me which was a really nice touch and delivery was really fast too considering i order this in christmas peak deliveryness. I've litrally been wearing this bracelet everyday since ive got it, and i dont see anything taking its place anytime soon.


  1. Rhi's jewellery / jewelrhi (such a cute name!!) is amazing <3 I too adore these little bracelets! Just perfect!


  2. I absolutely love this! I have a little obsession with skulls! x