Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Cheryl Cole Lipstick

I think everyone and their cat went threw a phase of loving Cheryl cole. She became the nations sweetheart in what seemed overnight, and even if you didn't agree with what she said, like her music or whatever else, you still had to admit she was beautiful. Everyone wanted a piece of her hair, makeup ect. So when L'oreal announced they we're bringing a limited edition lipstick out in a colour best represented by the lady herself, i can imagine like myself a lot of girls were in aw!

I however vowed, if i did not like the colour, i wouldn't buy it just because it was limited edition and something cheryl cole had "designed". Fortunately though, i loved the colour! A gorgeous bright red thats right up my street which can only be described by the name itself of "Red passion".

Please excuse the other swatch of another lipstick! As you can see its a gorgeous bright red shade, with a slight blueish undertone and also has little bits of silver shimmer in it (more noticeable in the bullet then on the lips) although it do's then give it a very glossy effect.
I'll be honest here and say i love this lipstick, however it did cost £8.19 (or 2 for £14) which is what i did, which i think is quite a high price for a drugstore lipstick, even though i pay £13.50 for mac ones, I've said before and ill say again, I'm a makeup snob. I do think every time i buy a Mac lipstick, its a ripoff for a lipstick, but you pay it because its mac, however with this one i don't think i would of picked it up if it hadn't of been a cheryl cole one, but this shade is amazing for the price - however, the other one i picked up on the deal is abit rubbish! all in all, id definitely recommend you picking this up if you can find one and love red lipstick, cause if anyone can do red lippy - its definitely ChezzaK!


  1. This lipstick looks gorgeous, I may have to invest!

    Marie x

  2. I have been looking for a great Red, and this is a lovely one.. Very Chezza too, and I would certainly love the volume she has in her hair haha!

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

    1. I think everyone would love that volume haha! Unfortunately though I'm pretty sure it cost thousands in extensions! x