Sunday, 22 January 2012

Costa Chic

I was sorting out my nail polishes the other day in my makeup drawer and thought "whys there a mac lipstick in here" you see my other two (Mac and angel) i carry around on a daily basis as i love them so much and there my go to shades for lipstick. However, i have another mac lipstick i generally forgot about intill it gets to summertime, and that is Costa Chic!

I always think of Costa chic as a coral toned lipstick, which to me should only be worn in summer with a nice tan, denim shorts & barely anything else. Its a perfect summer shade, which is why it gets so lonely and forgotten about in my drawer. However, when i did a little swatch of it - it occurred to me its actually quite a pink toned coral - one which would be perfect for a night out (when fake tan is applied of course)

Check my out trying to be a proper photographer with my little petal flowers! Props for that please ;) I really do think this is a shade people forget about in the Mac and lipstick world in till summer arrives then everyone goes crazy for it once again! But i think myself and many more of us should get it out of the drawer every once and a while, show it some love for a day & then place it back in there in till it can reach its full potential in the sunshine! Because after all, Its to much of a gorgeous shade to keep locked up!


  1. ooo love this colour! lovely photos

    Marie x

  2. I have this one! And it's definitely one of my faves :)

    Sarita x