Monday, 5 March 2012

Mac Naturally Collection

I was meant to post this ages ago but due to being busy/lazy/problems ect its only just going up! This is the first Mac collection i've ever really got excited about, I saw Ingrid of missglamorazzi raving about alot of products she'd brought from this collection, and alot of them looked right up my street! Ofcourse, she lives in america so the collection came out a month prior to what it dos in the Uk, so i had some time to wait.
What excited me about this Mac collection and no other, was the plain and simple reason that it had the word 'Natural' in it, the girls on the campaigns looked flawless and barefaced instead of the usual Mac wackjob thing you see with most collections that hardly anyone would wear walking down the street (or atleast not where im from). I for one am all about a fresh, natural looking makeup, Ofcourse that dosnt mean from time to time i love applying a red or bright pink lipstick, some dark eyeshadow ect - but for day to day i like to keep it au natural.

I only picked up two items from the line purely because the bank balance would only let me justify these two, trust me there was alot more i wanted! First up is 'Summer haze' A gorgeous minerizled eyeshadow, something i've never had from mac before but enjoy using alot from other brands. This was one of the items i saw Ingrid talk about. In the pan, it looks like a very deep brown mixed with light browns, however as the swatch shows it comes out as a beautiful sheen bronze glow. However, i find the more you blend this out it gives off a slight pinkish effect, which i love - but i know its not for everyone.

The next one being a mineralized blush in 'blonde' being blonde, this worked out quite well for me but its such a stunning shade, you definitly dont need blonde hair to pull it off. Its got a sort of ombre effect in pan (going from a light shade to darker) i just kind of swirl my brush in all of it and await the outcome, which is on most cases a gorgeous sheen to my cheeks with just a slight hint of pink, ofcourse if you wanted it abit more pink on the cheeks you could proberly either build the product or use the darker shades only. I personally love the effect this gives as its sort of a blush and highlight in one.

These items have become staples in my everyday makeup at the moment (especially the blush, the eyeshadow i variate between the naked palette) and if you can find them anywhere still i'd definitly advise buying them, as for me fake natural is definitly going to win over au natural!

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  1. These look lovely! :) Def be giving these a try!