Monday, 26 March 2012

OPI Nail Envy

OPI Nail Envy

Long time no blogging! Been a crazy few weeks, been to San Francisco aswell as loads of other stuff happening in my personal life which havnt been that great, but hey ho - thats life. I brought quite alot while on holiday, i was going to write a post 'hauling' it all, but it would of been massive, so decided to do it in odds & bodds instead! However, i will put a 'San Francisco' tag to all of them so its easy to find if you'd like to see everything i brought out there.

Anyway, on to the good stuff - I picked this up as ive wanted it for ages but with a steep price tag of £18.95, I just couldnt justify it. Out in the US, its a more reasonable price of $16, which works out as about £ , which is abit more justified & when your on holiday, you think sod it, why not!
I first read about this on a post someone else did (so long ago, i cant remember whos!) and have wanted to try it since. My nails have never been in great condition, i always pick at them when im nervous, annoyed, any emotion other than happy and ill pick at them - unless im wearing nail polish then i'll pick that off instead. But all the scratching and picking left me with some what chipped and short nails, so i picked this up hoping it would be a little miracle in an OPI bottle.

And so far, it is. I dont want to jump to conclusions as ive only been using this for a week (bottle reccomends two weeks usage to see difference) but my nails are longer than ive ever seen them, BUT - i also had a manicure while on holiday which i also think could have something to do with the recent growth and i've also been trying really hard not to pick them! so could be either, or. But my nails are definitly alot stronger since using this - and ill definitly be posting an update in about a months time.

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