Saturday, 19 May 2012

Natural collection 'Haul'

I entitled this post as a haul, even though its not really a haul as its four things! But obviously im not the imaginative one and just wrote it in anyway as it best described what i was trying to say.
ANYWAY, blabber over. I've recently becameobsessed  started watching essiebutton on youtube, I hadnt heard of this girl before and im pretty sure i must of been living under a rock not to of known who she was. But fan girl obsession over, in one of her videos she talks about natural collection lipsticks and blushes which as soon as i saw i had to get my hands on!

Natural collection is usually a brand i pass by, rembering the 12 year old me slapping on the £1.99 awfully drying foundation and thinking i was the beesknees applying a lipgloss that smelled like candy, it never really appealed to me that much now i know (abit) more about makeup, but i was actually pleasently surprised.
The blush is in the shade 'Peach Melba' which i think every brand has in some sort of blush/lipstick/ect but never the less, its a good blush. When i swatched it for the pictures, i was surprised as it felt quite chalky - but ive been using it for a good week now and it applys beautifully with a brush (i use real techniques blusher brush) it gives you a gorgeous peachy/pink glow with a hint of brown undertone so it looks perfect with bronzer in the contour and its quickly became my go to blush.

I also picked up a white eyeliner. i REALLY want a nude coloured eyeliner but cant find one anywhere! other then posts about mac ones that we're in an old collection (le sigh) there nowhere to be found. So i settled for a white one for now & thought id give this ago as it was cheap and cheerful. Its Ok - its not that pigmented which i quite like because i think as im pale it would be to stark being full on matte white, but it dosnt stay on long (1-2hours) and if you want a white, white eyeliner its not for you.

The lipsticks we're my most exciting purchase as im a huge lipstick junkie, it can completly change my mood and make me feel so glamorous! I picked up 'Rose Petal' (pinky coral nude) and 'Crimson' (red) i like both, but crimson has to be my favourite. Rose petal looks gorgeous in the swatch but dosnt go that colour on my lips, its more of just a sheen! Crimson however has excellent pigmentation - i like to put a little bit in the center of my lips and pat it outwards for a little flush of colour for daytime and then just whack it on for night time looks. Its a little more vampy berry toned then you average joe red, but i really like it.

All Natural Collection products are £1.99 & available at boots.
What do you think of them? Any loves or hates?


  1. I'm definitely going to invest in some Natural Collection lipsticks. They look lovely and they're a bargain! X

    1. They really are! I think some are abit hit and miss but these two are just as creamy and undrying as my mac ones but for alot less money! x

  2. I love the natural collection! It's so budget friendly and suprisingly good for the price! I love the lippies especially I'm planning on picking up a couple next time I drag my lazy ass into town (our meetup maybe?!)


    1. Sounds a plan! dos the boots in bham sell pixi by any chance? x