Sunday, 9 September 2012

stripes & sails

dress - primark  watch - micheal kors  bracelet - pandora (gift)

Hi there! Long time no blog? eh - i won't bore you with the details again.
I've always loved outfit posts, but as you can see there not really my fortay. My camera is still without a charger so these have been taken with the trusty old iMac, please excuse all mess in the background - unfortunately i don't have a wall with nothing on in any of my rooms. (pain in the tooshy)

I brought this dress from Primark last saturday on a trip to oxford with the boyfriend. We have actually been having some nice weather here at the moment so thought i'd get something i could wear as a casual day dress & also when it gets colder be able to pair with dark tights and boots and at £12 this fit the bill.

hopefully i'll be able to find/buy a charger for my camera soon and posts will be up regularly as i actually really miss blogging, before i wasn't to sure on it as i didn't really have alot of time to do so and felt abit of pressure in the blogosphere of things, but now i see it as more of a 'me' thing and actually find it fun to babble on about things.


  1. Aww Ellie you're so pretty! Love the stipes cannot go wrong!


  2. Love the dress and watch.