Friday, 5 October 2012


At the beginning of this week me and my boyfriend hopped into Fifi (what i call his car) and headed onto a three hour journey of the M6. Surprisingly it wasnt that bad, blaring out gangham style (so bad, yet so good) and other various cheese of music. We didnt really have any plans while we were down there, apart from wanting to visit the primark - because lets be honest even on a break away a girl needs to shop! So upon arrival we just chilled for abit watching a film on my laptop in the hotel, then headed out to see what was nearby. We were quite lucky in the fact that our hotel was a short distance to the town centre, amusements ect and the beach was litrally over the road, thought unfortunatly there was no time to get the bikini out and have a swim as most of the time it was either raining, super windy or i proberly would of drowned from the waves being so high.
On the first night we were litrally just toodling about seeing what was around, we got some dinner and then just walked along the beach front, luckily as we were walking along a guy said something about a firework show so we managed to catch that which was really nice.
On the monday we'd planned on doing lots of shopping in the day, then heading out to the arcades at night but it got to about half ten in the morning and i started feeling really ill so we headed back to the hotel intill around 5 and after a long nap and some food and water i was feeling alot better so headed out to the arcades! I dont know about you guys, but i love arcades - i turn into a huge kid and love nothing more than walking around with a pot of 10 and 2ps to play on all the games.
On the last day we did all the shopping we'd planned to do the day before (i got ALOT from primark) its so good in there at the moment, and was one of the very few primarks ive been too where everything was actually tidy and on the right size hangers. We then dropped off all our shopping at the hotel and headed back into town to get some dinner, we chose nandos (pictured above) im a HUGE nandos fan, unfortunatly the nearest one to home is about 30minutes away on train so whenever i go somewhere with one i have to twist my boyfriends arm to have it as he likes it, but hes much happier with kfc as it fills him up more because the portions are bigger (according to him) but im always stuffed after a nandos, usually half way threw im eating it.
All in all i had a really nice time away, was nice to spend some time away from work and the usual daily routine and actually spend some quality time with my boyfriend - aswell as being near the seaside :)


  1. aaah i love Blackpool. The arcades there are amazing too, they must be the best in the UK. I love winning cuddly toys on the little grabber machines and drinking loads of slush puppies. xxx

  2. Me too! Couldn't win on the claw machines though so had to win tokens and gets bear that way! :) and was too oops for a slush puppy so had to settle with chips instead! x

  3. I love going to seaside towns etc and always a bonus when Primark is actually tidy ha ha

    Tanesha x

  4. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,