Wednesday, 21 November 2012

#the turtle wins the race

 Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (available online or in john lewis)
OK. I know everyones mums, sisters, cats, dogs and even pet owls have written about this product before, but i thought i'd throw my two cents into the pond - why? because i was skeptical.
When i first received this product i was so excited to try it, id heard loads of great things about it from blogs, work friends & various strangers in shops while looking at the skincare section, so needless to say when i received it, i had high hopes! (high hopes, i got them high hopes) singing aside, i happily applied this every morning and evening for around the two week mark & unfortuantly it left my skin no other nice way of putting it, looking like shit. It was silky smooth like nothing id ever felt before, leaving half my face beautifully soft looking and the other half full of red itchy painful spots that were more just lumps than actual spots! Needless to say, i stopped using this and soon my skin recovered to its usual state. HOWEVER, I recently tried this again after running out of my usual cleanser/toner and have to say, i love it! after the first few uses (2) my skin had a little reaction but nothing out of the ordinary and leaves you with soft skin that feels cleaner then with any of cleanser ive tried. Im glad i didnt give this product a bad review in the first place, as sometimes i think you need to give things a second try and i think ive actually put it down to the moisterizer in this range that was causing the breakouts/reaction.
All in all i would definitly reccomend these products & will be repurchasing them when i run out of these, i just wish they were abit easier to get hold of!

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