Monday, 3 December 2012


Can you beleive its decemeber already? I cant! Although ive been waiting for it to happen for what feels like forever, now its here it seems like a mad rush of christmas excitment all at once.Its also definitly got alot colder over the past month, going from a leather jacket to about nine jumpers and a big coat has definitly occured & all the beauty regimes that go with it.
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish And Liz Earle Toner
You can read about these products from my post below, but these two things have definitly helped me out this month. I have dry skin at the best of times but in winter, it just gets ridiculous. These two things plus exfoliation 2 times a week have kept my skin in tip top condition.
Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner
I have been dieing to try these out for god knows how long now and finally took the plunge and just brought them. Id been using a bedhead shampoo for over two years and even though i loved it at first, it wasnt doing anything for me anymore and i found myself wanting something new. Id heard good things about this shampoo threw the blogosphere and im so glad that i did end up buying it. It makes my hair soft, but easy to manage and smells pretty yummy too.
Mac Omega Eyeshadow
I use this for my eyebrows everyday but it has never had a mention before, and for such a staple product i thought id throw it in. I've always had pretty good eyebrows, so filling them in was something off a 'special occasion' thing for me.  Now however i really notice the difference in my makeup/overall finished look when there not done, so although its a step i will miss if im being lazy - i still love using this for them on a regular basis - its also a pretty nice all over eye color aswell, it gives a subtle contour for a natural looking finish.
Bobbi Brown Corrector
Now that the mornings are getting colder and darker, i find it alot less easy to get out of bed and actually make an effort, so when i eventually do rise from within my pit, i look a little - weary? shall we say. This dos an excellent job of making me look awake and abit less like ive just rolled out of a bush. The formulation is creamy but still great coverage.
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick In 22
Every girl needs a red lipstick around this time of year, i own a few more than one - but i picked this one up not so long ago and keep finding myself going back to it. Its creamy, dosnt dry your lips out at all and has good staying power, and even when it dos fade, it fades evenly and dosnt just leave you with that dreaded line around your lips. I get compliments everytime i wear it and it instantly gives me a nice pick me up.

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